Innova Roadtrip

Innova Roadtrip

Designed in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz by one of the best Dutch yacht interior builders, the Roadtrip 595L was exclusively built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L2H2 basis, as a comfortable, luxurious but above all safe premium traveller for 2 persons.

You have the option to select from three distinct design variants: Wood&Mood, Black&White, or Adventure, allowing you to tailor it to your unique personal style.

01 Wood&Mood

02 Black&White

03 Adventure


  • Exclusive YACHT-interior
  • 3 colour versions: Adventure, Wood & Mood and Black & White
  • Ceiling and sidewalls upholstered with eco-leather
  • Round instead of square finish
  • Easy interchangable high-end fittings for doors and cupboards
  • Round lounge sofa / bed in the rear section