Caleche Convertible

Introducing the ultimate shuttle bus experience - the Caleche Convertible! This innovative and sleek vehicle comes equipped with a revolutionary patented roof system, allowing for quick and effortless conversion from an open-air ride to a closed cabin in no time. Enjoy the flexibility of embracing the elements or protecting your passengers from unexpected weather conditions. Capture breathtaking views from every angle with the 360-degree panoramic windows, offering an unobstructed visual journey for all aboard. Whether you're organizing a scenic tour, airport transfer, or corporate event, this convertible shuttle bus is designed to make every ride a memorable one.


  • Patented quick and easy roof system for seamless conversion between open-air and closed cabin experiences
  • 360-degree panoramic windows providing unobstructed views
  • Spacious and luxurious interior with premium seating for maximum comfort
  • Versatile and perfect for various occasions such as scenic tours, airport transfers, and corporate events
  • Reclining Seats